2+pic,2+ca,3+bcl,sop. sax,2+cfg / 4,2+pic.tr,3,1 / timp,4 perc,harp,pno,SATB,strings, ca. 25 min

My second symphony is about finding the balance between theoretical concepts and personal messages. Handling such a medium and a large-scale requires for me a rational approach, yet with an immense urge to communicate something through music, which resolves in an almost obsessive passion.

2+pic,2+ca,2+bcl,2+cfg / 4,3,2+btbn,1 / 4 perc,harp,cel,pno,strings, ca. 12 min

BABEL is a personal commentary on nations but also individuals being unable to communicate with each other, listen to each other, as per many recent and concurrent events globally. The idea came with consecutive dreams of seemingly unrelated sets of numbers and surreal storyline motives (…)

2+pic,2,4+bcl,sax.satb,2+cfg / 4,3,3,1 / timp+9 perc,harp,pno,gtr,synth,strings, ca. 38 min

Contention and reconciliation could perhaps be the underlying idea of my two-movement first symphony. While the work has no clear programmatic objective, it certainly projects some events from my personal life at that time, and hence, the symphonic medium serves for me as a vehicle to share inexplicitly with the listener.

Large ensemble

Large wind ensemble, ca. 4 min

Καυστικός – in English caustic, has two meanings, one relating to another: to burn and to be sharply sarcastic. When one is overly sarcastic, one can easily create emotional burns. Written for the high-school Asawa SOTA Wind Ensemble.

String orchestra, ca. 3 min

Written for the student ZUS Jablonova String Orchestra for the occasion of the renowned Concerto Bohemia, a national competition of student ensembles. Simplistic, yet harmonically rich Morceau de concours is meant to be a short candy, tailored for the ensemble’s efforts at the competition.

String orchestra, piano, bass solo and recitative, ca. 35 min

Bílá růže is an In Memoriam of my dear friend, whom had committed a suicide. This piece was written for one-time performance only.

Chamber (2 - 8 players)

String quartet, ca. 21 min

This work is an inward exploration of personal struggles throughout my first two years of my new start in the United States as an artist. All the energy focused in the most intense first movement of my string writing history, where none of the players has a single break throughout the first five-minute movement, is being released in the latter two slow movements.

Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, 5-string bass guitar, piano and unpitched percussion, ca. 7 min

Nuova prosa – the new prose written for the student internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble Aries for the occasion of the renowned Concerto Bohemia, a national competition of student ensembles. As myself being a former bassist of the ensemble, I scored this work for a 5-string bass, which was my beloved specialty.

Alto saxophone and piano, ca. 5 min

Commissioned by and dedicated to my wonderful ex-partner and colleague Marta Schäferová, who is a phenomenal saxophonist and violinist. This work was a predecessor of my later developed urge to write about the idea of a contention and reconciliation for the orchestra – hence, the antecedent underlying idea of my first symphony.

Piano quintet, ca. 23 min

The inspiration for this work has inherently been my treasured experience from a bike trip from Prague to Helsinki, along with my good friend and composer colleague, that we made in the summer 2015.


Piano solo, ca. 11 min

Echi___ came to life thanks to an excellent sensitivity and artistry of my profoundly dear ex-partner and colleague Tin Yi Wong. This piece is an exploration of the musical meaning of the acoustics and a little bit of nostalgia reflecting in much of its motivic writing.


SATB, ca. 6 min

MdadaZ is a political satire written for Punkt Choir. The idea was to turn a certain speech full of abomination into nonsense. The machinery character of the work ridicules the spokesman’s delivery that is juxtaposed by a call for true values, painted by the medieval anthem of Bohemia.

SATB, ca. 4 min

Written for the EAMA Chorale, this work is a darker and wilder interpretation of Lorca’s ode to guitar, a poem called Dance. In the night of the garden dance six gipsy girls…

SATB, ca. 8 min

Miserereri mei, Deus – Psalm 51. The true imploration of what we really need and what we hunger for. Mercy and love.

AATTBB, ca. 5 min

Felice primavera (2016) was written for six male voices in light of the celebration of the 450th birth anniversary of a great composer and innovator – Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa.

SATB, ca. 4 min

Kyrie was written for the International Composition Competition in Riga. Kyrie eléison, Christe eléison. Chromatic language combined with electronics and interjecting gestures in the piano paint the urgency.

Art song

Mezzosoprano and piano, ca. 4 min

A piece dedicated to a strong mother.


Two pianos, percussion, cello, saxophone, trumpet and electronics, ca. 9 min

Sphères (2019) is a spatial improvisation where each instrument is electronically live-processed.

Piano and electronics, ca. 7 min

Hémisphères (2019) is a spatial improvisation focusing on a surrounding sound overwhelming the hall using one pianist centered on the stage.

Film / Theatre

Chamber orchestra, ca. 36 min (theatre drama ca. 90 min)

Three lurchers, three life-stories, three fatal shots. OST for “Pro jednoho jelena navíc” theatre drama.


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