OST Pro jednoho jelena navíc (2016)


Three lurchers, three life-stories, three fatal shots. Passion for hunting that is stronger than fear of death. A land which is a memoir of generations, both young and the ones of the past. The drama is based on the true-story novel written by Miroslav Nevrlý, an author native to Liberec, about Jizera mountains and the mystical rumors of their fatal stories. Only the memoir of the generations of lurchers – Hennrich, Stammel, Krop-Seff and others – have remained, that are still present despite the ever changing landscape. —
Music for this drama consists of the following chamber instrumentation, painting an intimate picture: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, timpani, piano and a string quartet. The result portrays the magnificent mystery of the ancient mountains which bear every single story and predict every single fate. The music also describes the characters of the lurchers and its musical arc reacts to the progressive change of the mountains from a fairy-tale land to a real naturalistic ground, which has lost its mysteriosity and has become heartlessly nationalized.
The theatre drama written by Adam Steinbauer was premiered 05/26/2016.

Flute: Katka Nocarová
Clarinet: Josef Knížek
Bass Clarinet: Aleš Hejcman
Bassoon: Ondřej Útrata
Trumpet: Pavel Jeníček
Timpani: Segiy Grygorenko
Piano: Tomáš Straka
Violin I: Marta Schäferová
Violin II: Katka Kratochvílová
Viola: Ištvan Matejča
Cello: Karin Černá

Composed by Lukáš Janata
Mix & Master: Martin Havlen
Recorded at Resound studio

Full recording available to listen at

Obtain the score

Obtain the score