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My work.

My work output could be divided into three categories: creating, educating and performing. All of them are equally important to me and with my growing experience, I believe that one cannot exist without another in my case, as they compliment each other and thus, create my complex artistry. In my compositions, I tend to synthesize divergent inputs with my inherent cultural background. I also create projects with the focus on promoting new music, Czech and from the SFCM community in particular. Please explore my website to learn more.

My vision.

Communication is the quintessential means of a successful idea. I communicate my nurtured and ever evolving visions via three key vehicles – creating, performing and educating. I firmly believe that all the three create a well-rounded complex mature artist.

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Know Me.

Native to the Czech Republic, I came to the United States to gain divergent perspectives which have been formidable in my artistic path. Absorbing, reflecting, rejecting and synthesizing antithetical visions with my cultural heritage and background gave me the unique opportunity of a 21st century’s composer to mold all these perceptions into my very own compositional language.

Czech music perhaps belongs to the most valuable export articles in the Czech Republic and I wish to continue this wondrous legacy in the world. Evidently, it touches the audiences of the world.

Educating and performing is a no less important curriculum of my artistic life that has formed the musician that I am now. See my bio to learn more about me. If you wish to support these endeavours, consider becoming my Patreon.


Be my Patreon. If you like my work and would wish to support me, monthly donations through Patreon will help me stay focused and thrive. It is also a revitalized wonderful concept of patronage through which many artists of the past have been able to sustain their creative work.

Music & scores.

Yes, this website is mostly about music. So, welcome, and feel free to explore the portfolio of my select works. On my website, you also have access to browse through some of my scores. Should you like to obtain a score, do not hesitate to contact me.


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Apart from composing, I am a passionate educator. I believe educating as a whole musician is far more profound and beneficial than focusing on the given discipline and its issues solely. I teach composition, theory, piano and voice.Feel welcomed to reach out to discuss your lesson interests.

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