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Being an artist of the 21st century is difficult. It is a different difficulty than the ones of the past. Some say we live amidst a freefall. I cannot agree in any way. We finally live in an artistically free world that, alike democracy, might seem tiring, too eclectic and ambiguous. It is our responsibility, however, to mold an informed input of our own and to contribute to shaping the global culture and it is worth every try and effort. We are fortunate to operate in a unique setting in the history of the western art which allows us to draw influences from practically anything without being culturally oppressed. The current setting allows every group of artists to participate in and every culture to come forth. The audiences can select as they are not being served. Ultimately, the “good and bad” everlasting clash in arts is now focused on aspects that matter more. Regardless of their aesthetics, artists can focus more on what and how they communicate their visions.

Communication is the quintessential means of a successful idea. I communicate my nurtured and ever evolving visions via three key vehicles – creating, performing and educating. I firmly believe that all the three create a well-rounded complex mature artist. 

As a composer, creating is the most prominent activity for me, yet it is not restricted to music solely. I am a passionate creator of divergent projects that bring communities together and expose them to new experiences and opportunities. As I am not alone in this endeavour, enough opportunities lead into a resolution where one is able to perform. Performing is perhaps the most indispensable and consequential element of a creation. Without a performance, no musical work would be heard. In order to communicate the composer’s message and enhance it by one’s organic interpretation, it requires a deep understanding of multifaceted aspects of each work, that is achievable by one’s curiosity towards education. Institutionalized, how it may seem, a complex education may have many faces, yet all contain curiosity and humility at every phase. I love to share my insights and passion with others as much as I love to learn from them, reciprocally. Receiving a profound education and mentorship essentially may lead to providing a heartfelt guidance that allows a student artist to thrive and be inspired. Studying, performing and creating without inspiration is like being a degustator without gustatory cells.

Ultimately, I consider communication of a work to be successful when the magical triangle of a connection between, initially, the composer, performer and consequently the listener has been achieved. In those moments the concert venue is always being transformed into a very memorable and special moment. One cannot exist without another, and that is not to say that a piece of a musical work ought to speak to everyone.


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Music & scores.

Yes, this website is mostly about music. So, welcome, and feel free to explore the portfolio of my select works. On my website, you also have access to browse through some of my scores. Should you like to obtain a score, do not hesitate to contact me.


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Apart from composing, I am a passionate educator. I believe educating as a whole musician is far more profound and beneficial than focusing on the given discipline and its issues solely. I teach composition, theory, piano and voice.Feel welcomed to reach out to discuss your lesson interests.

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