BABEL (2018)


this composition was preceded by strong consecutive dreams, visions of various ambiguous numbers,
and storyline motives at places that do not exist. when the dreams started to return on daily basis
and the urgency seemed to bang on the door of my bedroom, i decided to start paying attention.
soon i found out, that the mysterious numbers have numerous possible explanations. one topic
became certain, however; it was a theme of babel (babylon in hebrew). the story of babel has
a very similar narrative across many different religions: it depicts, both as a metaphor and a
historical fact, the highest tower in the city of babel, built with an attempt to reach god.
the people’s pride and boldness caused god’s anger, and he punished the citizens by
confusing their common language. this became a transcendental parable to
various situations throughout history, and carries a great connection to
the mysterious numbers in my dreams. given the circumstances
surrounding my personal life, i feel that there is a lack of
understanding between people from one simple reason
– people do not listen to each other. this is a crucial
problem of our daily life, especially when related
to politics or culture. everyone keeps telling his
own truth, while not being ready to listen to
each other. babel is a personal
exploration of my own misery
and suffering that originates
from my sensitivity, as i
witness people not being able
to communicate well, not being able
to receive, not being able
to share, not being able
to think about others.
the dreams have a
strong influence
on the form of
the piece,
a large number
of subliminal messages,
that embedded in pitches,
rhythmical structures, and fundamental
relations. the significance of codes may be
apparent by a hint in the former title of the piece
12b8b3l . . .

Dreamt series of numbers:

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Image credits: Hans Bol, De Toren van Babel (1534 – 1593)

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