Die Streichstücke (2019)


I. Rasant zwanghaft
Live performance by Del Sol Quartet:
Sam Weiser, violin
Benjamin Kreith, violin
Charlton Lee, viola
Kathryn Bates, cello

II. Geheimnisvoll verunsichert
Live performance by Mivos Quartet:
Olivia De Prato, violin
Holly Workman, violin
Victor Lowrie Tafoya, viola
T. J. Borden, cello

III. Sehr langsam, quälend fern
Live performance by:
Solanch Rosa, violin
Tzu-Yun Lin, violin
Mitso Floor, viola
Steph Li, cello

Die Streichstücke (2019) brings me back to chamber music writing after a long break and primary focus on large outside commissions and symphonic projects. As history proves, there is something magical about the string quartet as a medium – many times, it is the most fragile thoughts that are put into composers’ string quartets, often misunderstood, often ambiguous on purpose, often very challenging both technically and psychologically. As I resonate with this historical fact as well, I approached my Streichstücke to be my deep personal confession. In the second movement, I reached the point where I must have included an inevitable quotation of Shostakovich for not well-justified reason. Strangely enough, this happened to him as well in his 15th Symphony, where he quoted the leitmotif from Tristan und Isolde, explaining in a letter: “I don’t myself quite know why the quotations are there, but I could not, could not, not include them”.
This work had rather a convoluted process of its premiere performance – gathered recordings of the three movements from three different ensembles took almost a year for the full premiere of Die Streichstücke.

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Obtain the score

Obtain the score